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Vaping Linked to Brain Damages & Serious Lung Damage

Vaping Linked to Brain Damages & Serious Lung Damage

E-cigerettes were the best thing since the slice pan when they came out initially but no-body knew the side-effects. People were being used as guinea pigs as usual but new studies have been reported in the US this year where over 1000 cases of pulmonary lung infection were reported linked to the use of vaping products.

Sadly, Social Media Influencers are not helping where some of them are making it trendy to smoke a vape which is appealing to students.

Let me try and explain to your what vaping is then maybe you might be able to talk your friends or family out of continuing to use them.

What is vaping? It’s the act of inhaling and exhaling aerosol from an electronic handheld device that contain liquid. Vaping happens when the liquid mix of chemicals which sometimes contain nicotine, is heated to create a thick white cloud of smoke.

Despite e-cigs are not lighted with fire, the heat used to create the vape cloud is enough to release a similar toxic chemical mixture that is also present in tobacco-related products

Traditional cigarettes increases blood pressure; the findings for vaping is no different. According to one study (9), people who vaped for 30 minutes or more daily experienced stiffness in their arterial blood vessels. This stiffness was caused by the nicotine in vape mist. Nicotine raises blood pressure especially if it is combined with caffeine. So, using e-cigs with nicotine can affect your health just like traditional cigarettes do. 

To make matters worse, the Journal of Addictive Medicine discovered that some brands of vape mist contain up to 52% higher levels of nicotine than the recommended 18mg/mL. In fact, even vape oils labeled nicotine-free contained levels of nicotine as high as 23.9mg/mL.

If nicotine is the reason why vaping is addictive and dangerous, then it should be okay for vapers to enjoy their nicotine-free e-cigs, right? Unfortunately, the answer is No.

To make it even worse nicotine-free vape juice still released tiny chemical particles that can damage the functioning of the lungs.

Although, some chemicals in e-cigs like propylene glycol are deemed harmless, the combination with other chemicals especially the flavoring agents that many vapers love, creates a toxic solution. The data is not clear on how this new chemical mixture affects the respiratory system.

Vaping particles causes irritation and inflammation in the lungs For this reason

The message is don’t be anyone’s guinea pig - it’s becoming clear that all vaping whether nicotine free or with nicotine is harmful to your health.

Thankfully, I am a non smoker and I know for many it’s not easy to give them up as my parents were smokers all their lives. They smoked so much I think that’s what turned me off them. Thankfully, my dad packed them in after 35 years of smoking. He told me he never felt better he has more energy in his legs, he can taste food better and he suffers a lot less with chest infections. But back in his day he added `it was trendy to smoke, we were told to smoke as nobody knew the effects of it back then.

These days thankfully we have more scientists researching the harmful causes of certain substances for us. Let’s be smart and take notice and most importantly share our knowledge which could save someones life!

I've a bone to pick with you!

I've a bone to pick with you!